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02/12/2028TKoR #01: “VISIT THE MIDDLE EAST”
01/12/2028Azerbaijan-Lankaran 2028 H2H announced!
23/10/2028JH Promotions vs Pearlnew Promotions. 5v5!
03/10/2028Gregory Desnos to turn professional!
01/10/2028WRBC announces rankings tournament!
01/09/2028Sid Carmichael to turn professional!
01/09/2028Juan Geronimo to turn professional!
01/09/2028Acastus Maras to turn professional!
01/09/2028Tymoteusz Kedzior to turn professional!
01/09/2028Ricky Serero to turn professional!
01/09/2028Amer Ben to turn professional!
01/09/2028Farhad Abulhasanov to turn professional!
01/09/2028Jose Veloso to turn professional!
01/09/2028Marlon Fignon to turn professional!
01/09/2028Lee Huo to turn professional!
25/08/2028Leon Hall challenges Sammy Wight!
03/08/2028Sung says he is the best light flyweight, challenges the champs.
30/07/2028Jin-hyeon Roh to turn professional!
18/07/2028Upset in California!
08/07/2028ADR Boxing Proudly Presents: ADR Contender Series
08/07/2028Olympics to begin!
03/07/2028Dunar challenges McQueen, promises quick KO!
02/07/2028Aimon Melgarejo to turn professional!
01/07/2028Baltasar Maio to turn professional!
01/07/2028Yehor Lois to turn professional!
27/06/2028Kyle McQueen... and the new...
20/06/2028Upcoming SAB Events
06/06/2028Wijaya Dunar and Daichi Nakama beef!
26/05/2028Richie Tennent and Tobias Davin beef!
21/04/2028Alejandro Tristan to turn professional!
05/04/2028Juho Pesola and Georges Banckaert war of words!
15/03/2028Robert Healey decides on promoter!
15/03/2028Robert Healey to turn professional!
20/02/2028Marjun Montanez decides on promoter!
20/02/2028Owen Hogge calls out Chalermjak Limwannasathian!
20/02/2028Marjun Montanez to turn professional!
20/02/2028Foster Provost and Chalermjak Limwannasathian beef!
20/02/2028Heavyweight Unification
21/01/2028PearlNews #2
04/01/2028Americas Championships to begin!
04/01/2028Asia-Oceania Championships to begin!
04/01/2028Europe Championships to begin!
04/01/2028Africa Championships to begin!
01/01/2028World Fighter Of The Year!
01/01/2028World Fight Of The Year!
01/01/2028World Promoter Of The Year!
01/01/2028Carlos Ruedas to turn professional!
12/11/2027A new P4P No. 1 and a Trilogy to happen
06/11/2027RCB Write Up #6 - THE SHOWDOWN
31/10/2027RCB Write Up #5
02/09/2027RCB Write Up #4
02/09/2027World Championships to begin!
26/08/2027Alejandro Tax to turn professional!
11/08/2027PearlNews #1
30/06/2027The Stars of Tomorrow: Bronco Astorga
30/06/2027Can anyone stop Dong-won Sung?
04/06/2027RCB Write Up #3
28/05/2027ADR Boxing Reigns Supreme
22/05/2027RCB Write Up #2
20/04/2027Ringtime Championship Boxing #1
05/04/2027Stine Ledske sets sights on Georges Banckaert!
02/04/2027H2H Tournament Completes!
20/02/2027Foster Provost and Chalermjak Limwannasathian war of words!
04/02/2027Leon Hall calls out Dechapon Srikampang!
02/01/2027Macario Cosme to turn professional!
01/01/2027World Fighter Of The Year!
01/01/2027World Fight Of The Year!
01/01/2027World Promoter Of The Year!
01/01/2027Porfio Florin to turn professional!
01/01/2027Emanuel Puentes to turn professional!
01/10/2026IRBF announces rankings tournament!
01/01/2026World Fighter Of The Year!
01/01/2026World Fight Of The Year!
01/01/2026World Promoter Of The Year!
01/12/2025Zambia-Copperbelt 2025 H2H announced!
01/01/2025World Fighter Of The Year!
01/01/2025World Fight Of The Year!
01/01/2025World Promoter Of The Year!
26/11/2024First PPV in the new World of eboxing
19/11/2024Sergey Shostak (15-0-1) out to claim another win!
01/10/2024WRBC announces rankings tournament!
14/02/2024Vagay wins Philippine title after victory over Borjon
01/01/2024World Fighter Of The Year!
01/01/2024World Fight Of The Year!
01/01/2024World Promoter Of The Year!
01/01/2023World Fighter Of The Year!
01/01/2023World Fight Of The Year!
01/01/2023World Promoter Of The Year!
01/01/2022World Fighter Of The Year!
01/01/2022World Fight Of The Year!
01/01/2022World Promoter Of The Year!
01/01/2021World Fighter Of The Year!
01/01/2021World Fight Of The Year!
01/01/2021World Promoter Of The Year!
01/01/2020World Fighter Of The Year!
01/01/2020World Fight Of The Year!
01/01/2020World Promoter Of The Year!