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An Immersive World
eBoxingPromoter is set in RooqWorld....a detailed boxing world of 80 countries, covering both the professional and amateur scenes.

In the pro scene, the four main world sanctioning bodies have full world titles, as well as minor world titles (intercontinental, international etc).
Below this level, there are continent titles, sub-continent, national, multi-regional and regional titles, giving your fighters something to aim for whatever level they are at.

The amateur scene includes thousands of amateur boxers fighting out of amateur boxing clubs from around the world, with the best fighters being selected for national, continental, world and olympic tournaments.
Take Control
Build up your stable by signing fighters to your promotion - you might want to pick up a talented amateur or find a free agent already fighting on the pro circuit.

Hire scouts and send them to specific countries, regions or to watch tournaments to see if they can uncover a hidden gem.

Schedule your own shows, or send your fighters to compete on another promoter's show. There are thousands of real venues from around the world which you can book.

Set up a pro tournament or send your fighters to compete on another promoter's tournament!

Secure TV deals for your promotion! The higher your reputation, the more lucractive the tv deal. Sell PPVs to make a bit more money out of your superfights. You can also set up your own streaming service so that shows are broadcast live on RooqTube!

Run your own gym! All promotions start with a basic gym based in the region they have selected for their headquarters. This includes an amateur boxing club, and training facilities for pro fighters. Hire a head trainer for the gym and upgrade the gym's facilities to improve resident fighter's training, and produce better amateurs. If your gym is successful, you might attract established pros and amateurs to train there!
Compete or Collaborate!
Join promoters from around the world, and compete to sign fighters, put on the best shows or chase title glory!

You can also collaborate with other promoters by putting on joint shows instead of giving away home advantage.

Discuss the game and ask for advice in the forums and the discord channel...