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About: Titles

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Topic: About: Titles
Posted By: rooq
Subject: About: Titles
Date Posted: 23 Dec 2016 at 4:48pm
There are many titles on eBoxingPromoter.  This thread breaks them down and provides  information regarding title rules.

Title Types
Listed in importance order:

1) World (WRBA, IRBF, WRBC and WRBO) full world titles. 
eBoxing world does not have interim or super champions

2) Minor World or Interalphabetty
This includes the WRBO, WRBA and IRBF Intercontinental titles + the WRBC International belt
To fight for one of these, you need to be ranked in the top 25 of the org.  There are no mandatory
obligations but you are expected to defend at least once every 6 months.  The fight is made by attaching the title to a fight which has already been made from the fight detail screen - the sanc body then has to agree to the proposal

2) (on par with minor world) Continental
European, Americas, Asia-Oceania and African. Fights must take place in that continent.

3) Sub-Continental
There are various titles in this category.  There are the geographic locations such as Northern Europe, Central America etc but also political groupings such as the Commonwealth.  Fights must take place in a qualifying country

3) (on par with Sub Continental) National
Each country has national titles.  Not much more to say.  Fights for national titles must take place in that country

4) Youth (on par with National)
Each world sanctioning body has a youth title.  To qualify, fighters must be in the top 100 and less than 25 years old (i.e. 24 years old and under).  There are no mandatory
obligations but you are expected to defend at least once every 6 months.  The fight is made by attaching the title to a fight which has already been made from the fight detail screen - the sanc body then has to agree to the proposal.  When a fighter becomes too old (i.e. 25 plus) they automatically are stripped of the title.

5) Regional
Each region has a regional title.  Also there are groupings of regions which are also considered a regional title - e.g. the Celtic title.  Fights for regional titles must take place in that region

Title Rules
  • For a sanctioned title fight (eliminator or mandatory), a participating fighter must not have another fight lined up within 10 weeks of the due date (i.e. last fight must be 71 days before the due date or more).  Also, they should have a recovery date of more than 4 weeks before the due date  (29 days before the due date or more)
  • Purse bids are called if a title fight has not been made within 12 weeks of the due date
  • Purse bids go on for 4 weeks, and at the end of the 4 weeks the winning purse bid is scheduled.

Ranking Rules
Only fighters of a certain maximum class will get ranked for each title class.
Regional rankings only include fighters with up to 500 class.  Sub-continental & national up to 750 class.  Continental / World there has no max class limit.
There is also a minimum number of wins required in order to get ranked.  Regional rankings just require 3 wins, 5 for national and subcontinental, 6 for continental and 7 for world

Activation Rules
Titles are activated once the following criteria are met;

The following number of qualifying fighters are required for a title to be activated:

WRBA - 50
WRBC - 70
IRBF - 90
WRBO - 110
Continentals - 50
Sub Continentals - 30 
Other region groups such as Commonwealth - 20 
National -  12 
Regional - 10

A qualifying fighter needs to have a number of wins at least one of which will be an 8 rounder

World Titles - 7 wins
Continental - 5 wins
Sub cont & National  & other regional groupings - 3 wins
Regional - 1 win
Title Fight Auto Acceptance
Any mandatory or eliminator offer which has not been accepted or rejected in 30 game days will be auto accepted as long as the following conditions are met:

1) The fight is at least 5 weeks away as at the time of expiry (so the opp gets min fight prep)
2) No voluntary titles have been added into the fight offer (e.g. this is an eliminator but you have added in a cheeky vol shot at another title your man qualifies for)
3) The fight date is within the cutoff period for that title (i.e. the due date is not more than 10 weeks after the fight date)
4) Accepting the offer will not result in the opponent being stripped of any other titles he might have
5) The opponent does not already have a fight scheduled

Hints - getting a title activated

This gets asked a lot.  If you want to get a title activated, you can force fights to take place which will result in more qualifying fighters.  There are two obvious ways to do this:

1) Sign a load of cheap fighters from the weightclass/region/country on 1 year contracts, not bothering about how good they are, and pit them against each other in 8 round fights until can get the title activated.

2) Create a pro tournament and invite a load of AI fighters from a relevant region who have not yet qualified.  This is the cheaper option as you won't have to pay any fight purses or book any shows

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